Nordic Interstitial Thresholds: Interzone Cultural Awareness Day…

20 Jan
Vodpod videos no longer available.

YES! after what seemed like an eternity (several weeks), the juggernaut that is the NITcast is back on the air, providing you with that aural meow meow high that the rozzers can’t touch you for (yet).

So this month’s mix has no chat from me, which is good as (a) my voice is terrible , and (b) i actually couldn’t think of anything decent of eerie to say. So i left some lovely white noise in its place, which is much better for everyone concerned.

I thought I’d still split the mix into two parts, the first i titled “The Gateway”, the second “the City”. Listen for yourself if you think those are apt titles.

If you like what you hear, you can download a decent quality version HERE (remember to right click, then select  “Save link as”)


High pitch polytone irdial…

Portishead – Silence

Ayshay – Excerpt from FACT mix  307

Troupe Majidi – Essiniya (Nass El Ghiwane)

Omar Souleyman – Hafer Gabrak Bidi

Muslingauze – Abu Nidal

Logan 5 – Believe

Chris Carter – Moonlight (Neurotic Drum Band Version)


Ayshay – Warn U

5 Note Version – Czech Lady Irdial

Reptilicus – Initial Conditions

Blues Control and Laraaji – Awakening Day

Eroc – Der Prophet

Space System – Sorrow Show

▼ịǭҐEϗ₠ – cIRCLE

Source Direct – Stonekiller

Robert Hood – Towns That Disappeared

Popoh Vul – Kailash: Last Village

The Caretaker – Everything Is On The Point Of Decline

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