Music Moment: This Kind of Punishment, “Hermann Doubt/Horrible Tango”

23 Jan


Oh sorry about that. Just cursing my luck in losing my cat… AGAIN. But enough of that. A weird sense of normality has descended upon the farm. having handed in an interview feature, i’m, just currently marking time and listening to some records to review. Alas most of it is mere background noise, not a whole lot going for them alas. But i shall be kind, albeit firm.

I’Ve also started reading  about and listening to certain albums that are heavily linked with psychogeography, which has got me thinking with particular respect to Iceland. In other words, how much does Iceland’s environment and the human activity within it truly affect people when it comes to making their music? Of course people will immediately shout “GLACIERS!”, followed by “SIGUR RÓS!!” or some other ephemeral act, such as Amiina. But in truth, how much does it really factor when compared to other countries, say, the UK? And it’s not just glaciers and waterfalls. What about the effects of modern architecture and Icelandic urbanism, and it’s effect on the energy of the area? Places such as aluminium smelters and their associated pylons and hydrothermal conduits? Oh what about the bleak, half-built settlements in places like Mosfellsbær that stand out like weeping sores on the landscape? Of the sight of Keflavík on a winter’s night as you land at the airport and view the abandoned NATO base and its listening posts? This collision of brutalist post-cold war civilisation with the dormant energy of Viking and early Christian folklore? At the moment its jsut idea threads I’m getting myself tangled up in. But i feel there’s something there…

But enough gibbering. Time for some music. And for tonight’s piece, i was reminded of a track in my YouTube queue list that i neglected for a while, which i´m not going to use. This said band is THIS KIND OF PUNISHMENT, from exited in New Zealand in the 80s. Gained a fair cult following in their home country but only garnered attention outside of NZ after they split up. tonight offering is a two-track medley from their second album “A Beard Of Bees”. the tracks have a minimalist feel to it, mostly bass led riffs with sawtooth guitar sounds (possibly using a string bow) and a bit of piano , wrapped in the slightest smattering of drone..


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