Music Moment: Thanet, “Low Tide”

24 Jan


sorry people. Things have been really down here on the farm today. Our Little Bastard Cat is still missing, which is bad enough, but there was a massive storm last night, followed by a massive snowfall that’s covered the whole of Reykjavik in about half a metre of snow. Right now i think he’s on -4 lives, so we’re not holding out too much hope for him this time.

So I’ve pretty much been moping around for most of the day with a face like a busted arse. The only thing I’ve really listened to intently is the compilation 14 TRACKS: FROM THANET TO JODRELL BANK. containing some truly seminal British electronic music, it seems to jack into the underlying ghost energy of the British landscape and the modern architecture that’s soldered onto it. It’s the things that has pretty much got me thinking about what equivalent Icelandic music manages to perform the same task of linking in with  the energy of its surroundings.

This track though, has especially piqued my interest. “Low Tide” from THANET seems to perfectly encapsulate the juxtaposition of our modern civilisation and the UK’s ancient land. Visions of power station cooling towers,  next to picturesque farmland, chemical works at Canvey Island, the modern seaports of the north-east and the Humber Bridge. It’s also a good soundtrack to reading the Spirit Tracks essay collection from Warren Ellis. Music with which to commune with our modern past.


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