Saturday Night Fighting Music: “Just take it oot back an’ kick the fook oot o’ it…!”

28 Jan

In what can only be a serious dereliction of blogging duties, this is actually the first SNFM I’ve posted in 2012. this is, even by my own slack standards, fucking shocking. So it’s best to get this sorted out ASAP with some of the finest pop abominations crafted by man (and sometimes woman).

Will i be going out tonight? Err….. very unlikely. Have a few friends out last night where we had our own Burns night. I made a few kilos of Haggis and we all ate our fill while drinking nearly two litres of finest quality single malt. In the end my friend Louder and myself were drunkenly chatting till 6.30 IN THE MORNING. I only woke up late this afternoon. Urgh. Saturday be write off. i will start writing music related stuff tomorrow.

Meanwhile, let the bloodletting commence…

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Posted by on January 28, 2012 in mixes, music, Video


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