Music Moment: GHOSTING SEASON, “Far End Of The Graveyard”

01 Feb


WHY AM I SO SORE??? oh yeah, maybe it has something to do with this incredibly dumb idea that I’ve signed for in running this year*s Reykjavik Marathon. People actually still laugh at the idea of me doing this. But i can tell, from where I’m slouched, it’s not that funny. Because of the weather this means that I’m going to World Class, the mecca for all knakkiroid gorillas and terracotta monster women in this country. Seeing my jiggly mubbs and moobs all over the place must surely disgust and repulse the core of their beings. Good!

However this has meant that every muscle of my being is screaming their confessions. And it’s not helped that our little bastard cat seems to have a meth heads discarded supply from the previous weekend’s partying. I swear if he skittered any harder, he’d tear a hole in space/time. I’ve had to kick him out of the house in the end.

But it’s given me a change to catch up on actual things. Like reading and listening on my YouTube feeds. And i came across this lovely little track i put up a while back. GHOSTING SEASON are a Leeds bunch who made some delightful ghostly house noises. A rolling beat that rises in the background noise and drones till it tingles with electric venom. BURN THE WITCH!


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