The Sunday Cult Film Corner: “Cube (1997)”

05 Feb

Evening All. As you can tell from the lack of posts and the general  rushed demeanour that i have no time for faffing around this weekend. Things to do, people to see, souls to crush, y’know – the usual.

So for this week, I’m giving you a proper grade-A sci Fi cult classic for you. No bullshit, just straight up intelligent twisted thrills. Ladies and gentlemen, i give yo you CUBE.

Made in 1997 by Canadian director Vincenzo Natali, the premise of the film is simple. 6 people wake to find themselves trapped in a labyrinth of interconnecting cubes with no idea of how they got there. . After finding each other and getting their bearings they try to find a way out With side of a cube containing a hatch to an adjoining cube and by solving the complex puzzles embedded into the structure. But with some cubes containing deadly booby traps and with distrust and paranoia creeping into the group dynamic, will they get to each other before the cube does?

Ok, the first thing you notice about CUBE is it’s truly oppressive nature. No wonder really when you have several people cooped in an enclosed space with no way of knowing if it’s day or night. The walls are literally closing in on you, for reals! Another handy thing of having you entire world consisting of a cube is that it does help to keep production costs down.

Also what helps is the simplicity of the movie. There is no explanation of why the protagonists are there are their backgrounds. Indeed there is very little exposition about why the cube is there in the first place. This helps keep the narrative lean and the plot moving along at a fair brisk pace. Admittedly the acting is a bit shoddy, mostly due to the relative weakness of the script, but with a premise this strong and clever you tend not to notice it too much.

So if you want to have your brain blitzed by cubes that can slice, dice, burn and reduce you atoms to mush, then sit back and enjoy the ride….

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