Music Moment: Felt, “Birdmen”

06 Feb


Things are once again starting to pick up a gear or two on the Farm. A few music reviews – DONE! Interviews – ARRANGED AND SORTED! Super Sekrit Features that will surely have me marked for death? ERR… IT’S GETTING THERE!

Also had a nice call from a lady about a possible writing project. The poor woman has no idea what she could be letting herself in for, but i shall hear her out. Could be interesting.

Also really getting worked up trying to scratch an itch about modern “ritual” music in Iceland. Have detailed notes and a narrative train of thought, but with everything that deals with the ephemeral and what lies below the surface of everyday life, you run the risk of tying yourself  up into all sorts of knots as you try to make sense of it. But it will surely loosen up. Perhaps i should go and re-read Warren Ellis’ “Do Anything” for a decent jumpstart in the storytelling

For tonight’s music, I’m going to move from the oppressive, bass heavy music I’ve been listening to of late and instead go for something a bit lighter and jangly. FELT were one of those 80s Brit Post Punk bands who would be titled “a big influence” being an early signing to Creation Record. The keyboard player would go on to be in Primal Scream. while the guitarist and band’s creator, Lawrence.  would also find success with Denim in the 90’s. Tonight’s track, “Birdmen”, is from their debut 1981 album, “Crumbling The Antiseptic Beauty”


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