The Sunday Cult film Corner: “Idiocracy (2006)”

12 Feb

Now like most other people last weekend, i watched the prime orgy of all things American that was The Superbowl. While grown hulking sacks of protein tried to decapitate each other with their forearms, my attention was drawn towards the almost imbecilic adverts that were showing between plays. Most of them were for heart clogging lumps of cheese drenched snacks, gas guzzling monster trucks, or… well i wasn’t sure what they were selling, but they had lots of semi naked ladies draped over whatever was being sold.

As the night continued i became more depressed. Are we all getting fatter and dumber? the answer is probably – Yes. And that is when the idea for tonight’s Sunday Cult Film came to me in a blinding flicker of realisation. A Sci-fi satire comedy that seems to have morphed into a scary portent of mankinds future. Ladies and gentlemen, i give to you IDOCRACY.

Directed by Mike Judge, Idiocracy stars Luke Wilson as an army private named Joe who undergoes a scientific trial in cryogenic freezing with a local prostitute, Rita (Played by Maya Rudolph). However due to a blunder, instead of being frozen for 12 months, they are frozen for 500 years. During that time, natural selection has become indifferent towards intelligence meaning that the average IQ has bottomed out and incredibly dumb people massively outnumber intelligent people. This means that Joe, who is in many ways completely average, is now the smartest man in the world. As the film progresses, we see Joe and Rita try to understand this alien, stupid new world that they live in, as they look for ways to try and return back to the past and their old lives.

IDIOCRACY is very much a classic cult film. After being made, the release was put on indefinite hold. When it was finally released it was to a miniscule number of cinemas (only 7 cities in the US), with hardly any press accompanying it. Many thought that the film studio was deliberately trying to cna the film. But after a while it gathered a small but loyal following through word or mouth following its DVD release.

The film itself is not perfect, but in terms of Satire it’s almost inch perfect. With a near endless stream of “WTF??” style stories emanating from the US on the behaviour of it’s citizens and leaders, many commentators  have noted that IDIOCRACY seems to be becoming more real every day. 500 years for the world to get this bad? Shit, try 50 years and we’re closer to the truth. With such quality cultural bites such as a TV show titled “OW! My Balls”, Law degrees at Cosco, Starbucks gives hand jobs, and the US president being a 5 time all American WWE-style wrestling champ, it seems that as a planet, we’re all fucked.

So if you want to see what they future is likely to look like, then get your toilet and your BIG ASS burger and fries ready as we take a trip to the future. It has electrolytes you know…

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