Music Moment: Imbogodom, “Heir Looms”

14 Feb


Been a day of thought and angst. Am sorting out MORE interviews for features (and a couple for a friends who is doing a nice book about electronic music in Iceland (more on that at a later date). Also have had a chance to read the digital version of THE WIRE magazine. In particular Joe “The Outer Church” Stannard’s stellar feature on slow rockers Earth. Of particular interest was Dylan Carlson’s psychogeographical encounters when he was in London late last year (read about it on his blog), and his current efforts to raise funds for “The House Of Albion”, a solo album of music inspired by British/Irish folklore and magic.

This has endeavoured me to keep plugging away at my thoughts and ideas about such stuff and my own PG encounters in London and Iceland. So far I’ve laid down about 2000 words and it still isn’t finished. Even then. it’s going to take a shit load of work just to make it readable. But i haven’t given up on it. My main problem is that i often have words, phrase sentences and narrative structures for large features come to me at moments when i don’t have a pen & paper to hand (lying in bed, on the bus, at the gym). And despite my best efforts, by the time i get them down, they are but a fleeting memory and what i have on the screen/page is a mere shadow of what was in my head. Frustration doesn’t even come close sometimes….

Maybe it will be a possible running theme perhaps. Something for here and not for the paper (could be a little too far out for them, I don’t know)

But anyway, back to the music. Joe. S also reviewed the latest album from IMBOGODOM in the same issue. The collaboration between Alexander Tucker and Daniel Beban is a very spooky combinations of field recordings, tape manglings, and lashings of ghost folk sounds. Joseph has been posting this song from the album on the interwubs over the last couple of days and it’s a bit of a grower. What starts of an echo chamber variety of acid folk, slowly but surely slips its moorings and simply drifts off into the night sky. I’m don’t have too much modern folk, but i*d say that this would be an album I’ll be investing in over the next couple of weeks.


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