Music Moment: Eternal Tapestry, “Ancient Echoes”

16 Feb


Not a good day. Spent the day laid up with back spasms and very problematic insomnia. But things still have to keep on going. So i*ve properly started writing about my psychogeographical history and experiences. It’s probably going to be an episodic long running thing. I let Mrs Sex Farm a read of what i had written, and she didn’t laugh. This can only be good. But in a wildly bizarre piece of synchronicity, Laurie Penny has today written a disgustingly concise and to the point piece about London and its psychogeographic nature and I began to wonder why i bothered. Damn all these good writers! Almost had 3 cups of tea despairing about it.


Oh well, time to stop getting all self-pitying about it. Perhaps i need a second opinion on it all. Oh, and also perhaps it didn’t help having some truly cauterizing techno sounds from Regis that i received from the post blasting through my Hi-Fi all afternoon. That would surely put things in a slightly oppressive frame of mind.

Time to try to relax and hope that i get some sleep tonight. Perhaps this piece from ETERNAL TAPESTRY will help. Fuck the world.


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