Music Moment: Nightmares On Wax, “Aftermath”

22 Feb


Am… so… fucking… tired….

only myself and my insomnia to blame i suppose. Barely 4 hours last night, which pretty much curtailed any meaningful thoughts. Well i was going to start off a few stands of thought, specifically looking at all the febrile commentary over the latest Burial EP and the creation of the new era of atemporality and Ghost fo the Rave age. But then Rory Gibb of the Quietus (and a much better writer than I), has only just gone and done a brilliant piece on it and the haunting of memories through modern living. You should read it (it’s bloody good), but while it’s good to know i was thinking alone the same lines, it does mean most of my notes have had to be set aside/redone. Oh well.

Along these lines, i have been listening to an old school rave tune from yesteryear over the alst couple of days that seems to conjures all sorts of mixed signals in my brain. “Aftermath” was an early release from NIGHTMARES ON WAX on the Warp label. The loped vocals and echoed beats do it for me…

“it’s something un re-re-re-re-re-re-eaaal!”

Nighttime  ghost music old skool motherfucker!


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