Random Arsemoans: CDs, mp3s and why Iceland & Vinyl sucks for buying music online…

24 Feb

(apologies for the blurred photo…)

Just a note for people who insist on putting their EPs out on 12″ vinyl.

Look, i know ALL about the whole vinyl sound > CD sound > mp3 sound. I get it. And i do appreciate those who include an mp3 download code with a 12″ when you buy their vinyl. It’s very thoughtful

But to be honest i am loath to buying CD & vinyl online because i live in Iceland. and here’s why.

Earlier this week i received “1994-1996” by Regis from Boomkat. It seemed pretty much a snip at £6.60 for the CD. So i took a chance and ordered it online.

When it arrived, i received the notice above. On the left the customs have calculated that the CD price was 1282ISK. No problem with that. On the right though are the details of how Icelandic customs always seem to get you. Postage is 128ISK, while VAT is a mere 99ISK. But then there’s a “service handling fee” the customs imposes of 555ISK, bringing the total up to 777ISK (if only it could have been 666ISK, then at least i could have blamed the illumunati squid people for it all). This in total represents a lovely 60% markup on the original price. there’s a nice articel that explains it all in details HERE.

Personally i just don’t understand why labels don’t release their albums/EPs digitally at the same time as well. In the end i merely ripped the Regis CD for mp3 listening anyways.

I do understand the whole “limited edition/have a treasured article to posses” argument, but for the time it takes for a package to be delivered up here, and the customs pricing racket, or having to wait a month before a Vinyl EP/album gets re-released on digital download, I’m seriously considering illegally downloading that shit.

And for a lot of music out there, i don’t want to do that.

Really, i don’t

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