Music Moment: Gnod, “The Vertical Dead”

29 Feb


Well today has been…. busy as fuck. typing till my keyboard committed hari-kiri and having to plan and sort everything out ‘cos we’re all off to cover the Tectonics Festival tomorrow. Lots of “complex” music and such. I’m doing tomorrow night, which centres on a retrospective of John Cage’s works. And until last week i was pretty much a new-born baby to his music. This should all go down swimmingly. But at least Oren Armbarchi is playing and that should be pretty intense!

By the way, you all should go and buy Oren Armbarchi’s latest album “An Audience Of One”. I was listening to it for the first time today. My LORD what a stonker of an album. In some ways, his most conventional, but in reality it’s his most textured and fully formed album to date. Some of the tracks will blow your face clean off.

But it’s not him I’m going to be giving you to listen tonight. Instead I’m to old favourties, GNOD. They’ve just released a new album out this month, but i’M gong to play for you the closing track from their last LP “Chaudelande Volume 1”. It was playing on my headphones when the sun came out this afternoon. I thought it was going to be a great day until i finished work, then a massive snowstorm came down on us, and we haven’t seen the cat all day. Anyway, this track’s got lovely swirling echoed vocals, a snapping drum with intensely bright guitars. the thing that give it the extra edge is the manc lilt on the singer vocals, which gives it that “Ghost of Madchester” vibe from 1991 to it. Get right on it!


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