Free Music Dump: Fresh and Streaming, Totally 100% Organic n’ Stuff….

24 Mar

So as you can tell, things have been a tad quiet this week on the blogging front. A mix of work and fleshworld crises have conspired to give this blog a case of the tumbleweeds.

But what better way to entice all those fair weather readers back by offering them some TOTALLY FREE MUSIC that won’t see them undergoing a full on body cavity search by MIAA, STEF or any other copyright protection agency that you choose to mention.

So let’s get right down to it…

First up is the EP “Little Bits” by Chicago band MAGIC CITY. Some chiming, clanging dream pop that’s very put together if i say so myself. Has a nice post-cocteau Twins feel to it. With spring round the corner, this’ll be a good little addition to your playlist.


Next in our selection is an interesting gem by San Francisco solo artist FOIE GRAS. Here’s we have simple sparkling shimmering high-end drones that offer a tempting mediation on summer cityscapes at 5am on a Sunday morning, when the only people you’Re likely to see are clubbing casualties trying to get home, joggers in the park, the odd homeless person and elderly dogwalkers. Suffering a comedown? then listen to this…


After all those simmering ambient drones, time to perk things up a little bit with some daytime electro. And for that we have “Al Bum’s” by COOLIO FRANCO. Not much info on this person, except to that they’re from New York, but the album has some lovely blissful electro beats. Sometimes you don’t have to spend the day listening to stuff that propels you to destroy beautiful things. sometimes you want to listen to music that has a nice “whoosh” effect on you. Al Bums’s has that feel. Music for Friday afternoons when you’ve left work early and you’ve just been paid.


Last, but by NO means least is an album from a totally special guy. My good friend Bram E: Gieben has release some new tracks under his alter ego TEXTURE. the man is a fucking tyro. Here’s the blurb from his soundcloud…

Texture is an emcee / vocalist based in Glasgow, Scotland. He is a member of the Chemical Poets, co-curator of Black Lantern Music, and co-host of the Shallow Rave podcast. He has written about music since 2005 for The Skinny, Weaponizer, Dangerous Minds, Clash and other blogs and magazines.

That makes me tired just reading it! Well his latest release sees him tap into his Witch Haus reserves for the aural Sects label to produce some groggy, dispersed sounds and beats. Cracked music for cracked minds. Make sure you take drugs when listening to this. That’s an order!


Right that should see everyone flocking back to these shores! I welcome the hits! It validates my existence!!!


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