Music Moment: Burzum, “Filosofem” – The whole bloody lot of it!

28 Mar


i’ve been slowly getting my metal face on today. perhaps it was the synchronicity of a few things.

1 – Saw GONE POSTAL last night at a gig i was inclined to review. They played some new material and, dayum, it was some really fine Doom-infused black metal. Perhaps they can start making a real go of it now. they deserve it.

1 – Started re-reading this week LORDS OF CHAOS about the riseand fall of the black metal scene in the late ’80/ early ’90s. 

2: The campaign to put Euronymous, the murdered member of iriginal Norwegian Black metal band Mayhem on the fins of Norwegian aeroplanes. Pretty much goes to show that given enough time, just about anything can be commodified as a campaign. To think that 20 years ago they were all killing themselves & each other, burning down churches and stabbing strangers. Yeah, put that on a plane motherfuckers. It*s Norways biggest cultural export y’know.

So with all that in mind, lets take a moment for the guy that actually killed him in the first place, Count Grishnackh aka Varg Vikernes, and his solo project BURZUM. Thanks to the wonders of YouTube, the entirety of “Filosfem”, his first release while he was in prison can be streamed. As far as ’90s black metal goes, it’s pretty much on the money, incredibly harsh, brittle and messy, with the appearance of differing styles such as ambient and classical music. “Rundtgåing av den transcendentale egenhetens støtte” for example, is by all accounts a contentious song amongst the metal fraternity, but i love it’s stark, simple minimalism.

Alas the guy is an unaplogetic far-right dickhead who uses big words to cover up the fact that, like a lot of his ilk at the time, he’s pretty much an emotional runt. Still like this album though. I think this means that i’m going to hell… or Sweden or something…


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