When Worlds Collide: The Hitman And Her go to a RAAAAAVE!

29 Mar

Was reminded of this by a friend a few days ago….

for those who don’t know, THE HITMAN AND HER was rather interesting TV viewing very late on a Saturday night during the late ’80s. Hosted by Pete Waterman (of SAW fame and producer of Kylie, Jason, Rick Astley et al) And Michaela Strachan (kids TV presenter), they would go to all sorts of discotheques in places like Bromley, Luton and Warrington and record a regular club night that happened there. The clubs would have names like Mr Jinx, The Roxy, or Sequins. The music would often stop for games like “Pass The Mic”, and audience dance offs. Meanwhile the dress code was peroxide perms and shoulder pads for the ladies. and ill fitting shirts, ties and chinos for the guys.While the rise in dance culture would mean that some of the more mainstream house/acid tunes would make their way onto the speakers, the reality was that the rave scene was a world away from these places, as if were from a parallel dimension. For many people not linking into rave , the Hitman & Her WAS the real face of clubbing.

But sometimes said dimensions would occasionally collide with each other producing an interesting clash in tastes…

Like on this occasion when they turned up to an actual rave in Coventry with Carl Cox! The difference must have been a bit of a shock to their systems i dare say. Near darkness, with LOTS of dry ice, faster music, an ear-splitting PA system and some Hardcore MC’ing. And drugs. LOTS of drugs. They look like they’re wilting under the heat. Couldn’t someone get them a bottle of water or something?

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