Easter Notes: Celebrating the Zombie Jesus Resurrection In Style…

09 Apr

So the farm has been a little bit quiet of late. This was mainly due to the fact that i was busy trying to to get away from Iceland and enjoy myself in London and  for a few days. So what the hell did I get up to while i was there? Not a lot actually, but if you REALLY want to know, then, read on…

– I spent most of it drinking. Not the usual Icelandic “Hey it’s 10pm! Let skull 15 beers in 30 minutes!” type of binging. This was more like the slow burn of meeting a friend, or family and having a beer, then realising 3 hours later that you were absolutely smashed…. and it was only 4pm!

– There was also shopping. None of that “tourist from an expensive country who stocks up with 35 pairs of cheap underpants” type of buy. It was all books. And comics. Books wise i bought music volumes by Nick Kent (which were going cheap) A Whore Just Like the Rest: The Music Writings of Richard Meltzer and Fear Of Music: Why People Get Rothko But Don’t Get Stockhausen by David Stubbs. The comics were mostly replacements of lost and damaged volumes (The 3rd volume of the Invisibles) to newer releases (2000AD’s Cradlegeave, Warren Ellis’ Supergod). Basically a lot to get my mental teeth into over the coming weeks.

– When you spend a couple of hours in a quiet Soho/Waterloo pub, you tend to spend a fair bit of it reading. I finished re-reading Lords of Chaos: The Bloody Rise of the Satanic Metal Underground. Still a damn good read considering I have a fair few black metal albums. And there are plenty of local people here who are into black metal in a big way and for the most part, are pretty well-rounded, reasonable people. the guys in these books though. Utter arseholes. As one section noted, when you have full-time Satanists shaking their heads over black metal musicians/fans using the “Do what thou will” tenets of Satanism to legitimise murder, hatred and wanton destruction, then you know that you’re really doing something wrong in life.

Also read Supergods by Grant Morrison. I VERY much recommend that you read it. Part criticism, part history lesson, part autobiography, this is a great companion piece to the recent Morrison documentary Talking With Gods. The meshings of his take on comics critical history really makes you want to go out and check out those early comics books that occurred before your time. thanksfully my local library has an immense comics section, so right now I’m burning my way though Jack Kirby’s New Gods saga. Lovely.

– Tried to fight those ingrained feeling of antipathy towards the human race by actually meeting people. First off was my family. I have a new baby niece named Lily Jo (who my brother and I actually call baby Mango. Don’t ask why), and she’s a sweetie, even when she threw up milk over my shoulder. Big stare-y eyes and restless hands. Awww.

Second were some good friends that helped me put the world to rights. First off was fellow Whitechapelers Mark Jones and Alex Vagenas. This was a bit of an off-the-cuff meeting organised at the last-minute. Basically consisted of an afternoon drinking off Borough market, ranting about all sorts of issues, which was all indeed good fun!

And i spent some time in a disgustingly grubby bar in New Cross with, DJ,  label runner and live music mogul, Mr Jonny “Exotic Pylon” Mugwump! It was all a lot of fun, and hopefully with his prodding and suggesting, some really good things may be happening this year. There is actually some really exciting new happening this week that i will be announcing over the next few days. It will be a big one trust me. As For Jonny, go over and listen to his radio programme at the Exotic pylon hub. Do it! You Fucks!

– Also, how and when the fuck did beer in central London pubs get SO EXPENSIVE??? Seriously, when i found myself paying £4.50+ for a beer is surely taking the piss. This is actually more expensive than many Icelandic bars! Along with the rise of Tory fuckwittery and huge social and economic inequality, this could cause the complete dismantling of the UK’s social order!

– Travelodge are a bunch of robbing shits when it comes to Wi-Fi in their hotel rooms. I know it’s a budget place that’s pretty much the Ryanair of hotels, but come on! Avoid.

– I’m also becoming increasing irrational about my fears of flying. It’s mostly the take off part where my brain keeps screaming “This is it! This is probably going to be the flight that bursts into flames and takes us all!!” This could start cramping my travel plans in the future. Hmmm….

– Also spent a little bit of time in my hotel room watching morning TV. Most of it spent watching Jeremy Kyle. Jeremy Kyle seems to have progressed from his standard MO (that of a sleazy human Bear-baiter) to a presenting arsehole of Grand Guignol proportions. Most of the shows, they were spending more time in the studio’s back corridors and car parks than the actual studio itself. Needed to shower after watching 10 minutes of the stuff. I no longer count Jezza as a guilty pleasure.

Also saw the TV only full-time music channel. the Chart Show Channel. It was simply a shine to the current state of Nu-Trance-Pop that you get on Flass FM ALL THE SODDING TIME! In particular there were two videos that actually grabbed my attention in a weird way. the first was Super Bass by Nicki Minaj. This track has been out for a while now and I’ve heard it on the radio many a time, but this was the first time I’ve really seen the video. It looked like some weird trans dimensional ghetto version of Lazy Town. the hyper-plasticity of it all, from the music, to the make up and clothing, to the props (that definitely was a model Ferrari that was being pimped out!) came all across like a Barbie/Brats aesthetic for ghetto tweens. It gave Mrs Sex Farm a blinding headache.

The second was Blackout by a bunch of trolls that call themselves Breathe Carolina. At first i thought it was those crunkcore oxygen thieves, Freaxxx. They all have tattoos, piercings and bad haircuts. But no! this is Breathe Carolina, the new and improved, upgraded model! But as per usual the video is chokka with that forced fun, empty hedonism that typifies the current state of dance pop right now (see LMFAO all those Guetta songs). That kind of “We’re living and partying on the edge of experience apparently, but have absolutely no imagination when it comes to really letting ourselves go” attitude. It actually reminded me a lot of those ’80s hair metal videos that would be wall to wall partying with Jack Daniels and off-duty strippers and porn stars. 

Musiktilraunir 2012 winners RetRoBot are mined from this kinds of poisoned source material (albeit a clean, krútt version that’s still too young to start drinking). In fact, this kind of music links brilliantly into the “Djamm Í Kvöld” party culture of Iceland’s beautiful people. If you’ve ever been on a night out around Austurstræti, then you know exactly what i mean. Sigh….

And that’s what happened. Proper blogging will commence soon. I’m off for some breakfast.

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