Mix SPECIAL!: Nordic Interstitial Thresholds Vs Exotic Pylon: THE ATEMPORAL DEATHLINE!

13 Apr

So people may (or probably may not) have noticed that there hasn’t been a recent NITcast polluting the airwaves. Well there is a good reason that, which i can now share with you.

So there i was a few weeks ago, lying at home, covered in my own filth and watching YouTube videos “Robin Of Sherwood” (The ones with Jason Connery), when I received an e-mail from none other than Mr Jonny Mugwump, impressario extraordinaire and runner of EXOTIC PYLON – Record label, club night, and chaotic radio show.

His e-mail said “i like you mixes a lot. Do a mix for me so i can put it on my radio show. And i better like it or I’ll break your legs. Grrrr!” Now it’s a well known fact that Mr Mugwump is a ruthless, ruthless man, so who was i to argue with him?

So after i picked up my dropped bollocks, i began sourcing, splicing, mixing and mashing, and the end result I came up with THE ATEMPORAL DEATHLINE. A heady mix of transient songs and sounds designed to take you to places yo may not really want to go to.

And the best bit? You can hear it LIVE tonight on London’s Resonance FM at 8pm GMT (9pm BST). the mix and the show will get uploaded in the coming days, but i think you should actually listen to it cos it be a WELL wicked mix and stuff. Plus my ego could do with the boost.

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