Free Music Dump: Amateur stuff? Who gives a shit! It’s free isn’t it??…..

01 May

Happy May Day Comrades!

Well today has been a hive of activity down here at the fa… no, wait a minute. Actually fuck all has happened. Mostly because i went out last night and pretty much obliterated my senses with that nasty alcohol stuff. So today has been a complete write off as I’ve tried to crawl headfirst into my own shoe.

Add to this, i have been a little negligent on here of late. Damn i hate it when i slack off like this. So i need to get things cracking back into shape. And what better way to do that is by proving you hearty fans with some wonder free music and stuff. Because as we all know, amateurs are killing it for the professionals and stuff, what with making music on their own terms and… just giving it away!

So let’s get started with some rather sinister stuff straight from Poland, the place that all god fear Icelanders fear to tread. Named after a brand of esoteric Jewish mysticism, MERKABAH are a 3 piece who’Ve been making some incredibly left-field space rock since 2007. Moments of free improv sax thrusts, mixed with heavy rock riffing and spacious space air. it’s the sort fo shit you want to play when you need to scare the neighbours into thinking that you’Re into some kind of death sex cult or something. For fans of the band Shining. Niiiiice!


OK, time for a slight shift in tempo and mood, with some sprightly avant pop in the form of “EP” from MARY OF EGYPT.  Lots of piano with soft airy harmonies that betrays a slight folkish element. Even though they’re from Brooklyn, I could imagine a track like “For Zina” being played on a Kids TV show from the BBC in the ’70s. For fans of Icelandic krútt pop.


Next up is some wibbly psychedelic music that was recently premiered on the excellent blog 20 Jazz Funk Greats. the artist MOTION STUDIES has release his debut EP “Hearts Will Beat” and it’s a 3-track  smash and grab of creepy electro pop stuff that is a little chillwave-y but with a real infusion of house, is far too danceable for that. Clicking rhythms and minimalist synth sounds with some decent vocals. A good result methinks.


Last, but not least, is some proper old school dance music to get your juices flowing. MOODYMAN is the alias for Detroit musician Kenny Dixon Jr. Well known for his strident views about dance music and the lack of black talent that is breaking through the genre today, he cuts an imposing, sometimes controversial figure in the scene. And recently he released a free EP titled “Picture This.” A mix of funked up techno, chunky electro and some blissed out jazzy soul beats, it certain puts its money on the table, musically speaking. For something this high quality being given to you for free, you’d be a complete idiot to pass it up. If you like what you hear, you can download it HERE.


Right I’m off back to bed. See you all in a couple of days…

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One response to “Free Music Dump: Amateur stuff? Who gives a shit! It’s free isn’t it??…..

  1. Julia

    May 2, 2012 at 3:03 am

    Hi! I’m Julia, the artistic director of Mary of Egypt! Thanks sooooo so so much for listening to my EP. I just wanted to correct something – I’m from Jersey! The band is Brooklyn based but I’m New Jersey bound.

    Thanks again!


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