Music Moment: Alexander Tucker, “RH”

07 May


Interesting day. Mostly my day job and listening to more music i’ve recently bought. Interestingly was pondering the fact that i am now getting complaints about the things i write. Finally! I was beginning to think no one cared….

Also spent the day in an e-mail.discussion with the editor about an album I’m reviewing and whether we like it or not. I’m still a bit undecided about it, but am giving it time to see if it’ll work it’s magick on me.

Now one album that has DEFINITELY worked its magick on me is “Third Mouth”, the current album from Alexander Tucker. Some truly warped, bending psychedelic folk of the purest heathen kind. the physical sound of mist, grass and woodland. And talking foxes going “chaos REIGNS!”… probably.

The closing track though is something else entirely. “RH” is so simple in its melody yet is so fully formed and organic, i found myself on Saturday while writing constantly clicking the track on repeat. 15 times. Those droning hurdy gurdy type accordions mixed with twanging electronics that seems to both sound like a Jew harp and a didgeridoo at the same time. I honestly don’t know anyone who is making tracks like this. Fleet Foxes? Bon Iver? Sin Fang? Fuck right off!

Good night…

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