Music Moment: Bass Clef, “Embrace Disaster”

14 May

Hey oop everyone…

OK i should apologise for the lack of blogging action over the last couple of days. Things have been….. hard over here at the farm and some real black dog days have not helped things at all. And i still have a few things that need finishing this week. The big feature i’m trying to do is moving along at it´s own pace. It WILL get done, my professional career (ha!) is banked on it.

But this week should see things move along a bit on that front. Right now i’m listening to a lot of old Icelandic albums I ripped from copies from the city library (and which I’ve forgotten to take back,m so now I’m definitely getting fined), and I’ve realised that i haven’t done that many Icelandic album reviews on here for a while. So i should look to get one done soon i think…

Until then here’s something that i HAVE been listening to a lot. the latest album from BASS CLEF has really been pushing my modulating buttons so to speak. It has that old acid house feel, but has no real retro attachments to it. You can’t really place where and when it was made. I do know it is something of an electronic “concept” album on the changing landscape in East London with the approaching Olympics.

Well this track is my personal favourite. Just the way the drum hits like an piece of gunfire in a large hallway, with the chiming piano lead melodies. I often find myself moving involuntarily to it.



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