Nordic Interstitial thresholds Vs The Exotic Pylon: The Atemporal Deathline pt 2 – The return!!

18 May

Some very important news you all need to know. Several weeks ago i was asked by my Good friend and Exotic Pylon records impresario, Jonny Mugwump, to create a mix for his record show on Resonance FM. I duly created said mix and got so excited that i told a lot of people, even my Brother who thinks that Resonance FM are “all over the shop”.

How prophetic my brother’s words turned out to be for on the night when it was supposed to be aired the slack arsed amateurs who were managing the station that night DID EVEN PLAY THE RIGHT PROGRAMME! Jonny was apologetic and stuff, but it was definitely emos all round.

But now it’s back and tonight on Resonance 104.4 at 8pm GMT (9pm British time), Nordic Interstitial Thresholds will take over the Exotic Pylon Radio Show and play sill buggers with your mindz!

You can listen online RIGHT HERE. I think you should do it. My ferrets of death know where you live….

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Posted by on May 18, 2012 in live music, mixes, music


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