Low Impulse Power Alert: Odyssey To London, and MARIA AND THE MIRRORS!

23 May


For all of those who noticed, there has been a small flurry of activity at the Farm this evening.

Well there’s a simple reason for that. I’m trying to clear my desks as I’m heading off tomorrow to the grand old city of London, where’s i’ll be attending the All Tomorrows Parties event i’ll be your mirror, which has the utmost of heaviness, including… SLAAAAAYER performing “Reign In Blood” and other assorted tunes we hope. Dude it will be sweaty and delirious!

So while I’m having lots of fun, there will be minimal activity going on here over the next few days. But as a small parting shot, i’m leaving you with this frankly cranked up to the hilt headrush from an act on my mate Jonny’s label, MARIA AND THE MIRRORS.

I don’t have enough time or energy to go into too much detail why this record is great (but thankfully this man Has done that for us all). But needless to say that this record packs dirt. The type of dirt you get from just sheer wanton Ego-abandonment and flailing yourself at the mercy of the rush, the dance, the sheer ecstasy of it all. I may be getting on a bit, but too often you feel let down by what’s called the aesthetic style of partying. Looking good, being seen, projecting coolness, mingling with “the beautiful people”. It’s a global scourge i tell you.

Fuck that. I have NEVER been cool. and i’m too fucked to start now. Just give me the bacchic tinged infusion of grime, degradation and no regrets any day.


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