Free Music Dump: Totally natural, yummy aural goodness. Just like momma used to make…

07 Jun

Well you know that you’ve been neglecting your duties when you actually realise that it’S been so long since i last did one of these posts. And I know that you are so FUCKING DESPERATE to get your hands on some decent music after the truly bilious assault to our senses over the last week that was the Jubilee celebrations in the UK, and the Hljólmskálinn concerts at Harpa in Iceland.

So with this edition of the Free Music Dump we’re going to concentrate solely on Iceland and some other spooky sounds. I promise you won’t be disappointed….


OK first off is a little bit of cheating as the artist is a good friend and colleague of mine. SINDRI ELDON writes about music for the same paper as i do, the Reykjavik Grapevine. He has what you would call an acerbic wit, which means that loads of sensitive musicians hate his guts (it’s like being mauled by angry kittens). But that’s their problem as he’s bloody good, as his latest piece on Brian Ferry undoubtedly shows.

Sindri also makes music, and for he has decided to give away his latest release for your listening pleasure. Six tracks of blistering pop-punk brilliance, with him singing about such delights as being a beautiful failure, and his love of America and other stuff I’m not sure about (because it’s all sung in Icelandic, and my Icelandic music translation skills are not quite what they should be).

But the quality is there, believe me. And this is something that i think you should be listening to, to be honest. YOU KNOW IT MAKES SENSE!


Staying with Iceland, for our next musical gem, we’re getting somewhat darker and nihilistic, with the debut album from DYNFARI. A local duo, they make metal that is as cold and unsparing as the album picture suggests. Starting off with a sparse, sombre opening number, they launch into some evil, expansive black riffage that has to be heard to be believed. It is black metal but it´s definitely not the one-dimensional European stuff, taking on the expansive wilderness of Iceland as their inspiration point, similar in the way that Sólstafir used to. Expect some great things from these guys.


We now move away from Iceland, and into the ghostly electronic world for our next release, which is a 2 DP double-header, by RITUALZ and FUNERALS. titled “Hypermotion B” and “Hypermotion X”, together they make 8 tracks of New Yoik based grime house. The best way to describe it is if Bladerunner was set in NY instead of Los Angeles, by way of Akira, and this was the sound that the kids dance to while exploding their synapses on the latest designer drugs. I know, sounds brilliant doesn’t it? And once yu listen to it, you’ll (probably) agree with me on this as well…


Last, but definitely NOT least is the newest arrival from the magnificent AURAL SECTS label. I think i’m going to have to do a special profile on them soon, but for now, i give to your their latest offering, “Waves” by VS//YOUTHCLUB. A duo coming form the North of England, they explore the Witch House genre, but with emphasis on the House instead of the Witch. The four tracks contain a mix of spectral noises and  pumping dance beats. the outstanding track being “Infinity”, which has that minimal techno feel that you’d expect to heard from an abandoned urban area like Canary Wharf at 3am on a Saturday morning. Not bad for a debut release. If you want to download a copy, visit the bandcamp page…


My GOD that is a lot of top quality free music we have there. I think this should keep you going for a while. Happy listening children….

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