Music Moment: Rowland S. Howard, “Pop crimes”

25 Jun


Wow, that was an… interesting weekend. First of all congrats to my friends Aðalsteinn and Catherine for getting hitched at Viðey. It was an incredibly fun day/evening. Almost… too fun. A destroyed Mp3 player, lost bank and travel card, along with various bruised body parts and a Swiss cheese memory, allied with a gnawing possibility that i may have broken several decency laws has finally convinced me that i must start acting my age and at least attempt to become a functioning member of society, especially with a marathon SEVEN weeks away and me only at 17Km road running distance. Moan, whinge, etc.

On a lighter note, my friend Birkir Fjalar from the HALIFAX COLLECT music blog asked me (along with several others) to review some music videos. Go there and have a gander. See if you can work out which comments are mine (clue – spelling mistakes).

As for tonight, I’m heading back to Mr Rowland S Howard for my musical moment. This is the title track from his final album “Pop Crimes”, before he died from liver cancer in 2010. One thing i really do love about this track is the thumping marriage of the bass and rhythm, that give it a set of big brass balls. It’s rock with venom and dare i say it, a bit of vim, especially from someone who was fast approaching death.


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One response to “Music Moment: Rowland S. Howard, “Pop crimes”

  1. Joe

    June 26, 2012 at 1:41 pm

    Hi, I’m currently on vacation in Reykjavik, and your blog turned up when I did a search for “industrial music Reykjavik”. Could you recommend a good venue in Reykjavik to hear goth/industrial music?



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