Nordic Interstitial Thresholds – Andskotinn Einmana Jökull Tónlist – Episode 3: The Hnakki Strikes Back!

02 Jul


Sorry for the profanity, but I’ve just had a mare of a time for the last hour trying to embed the my latest mix onto the blog because the normal method has died on me (the company Vodpod got bought by lockerz, and lets jsut say that they’re having some major problems in trying to sort half of their shit out…)

BUT! – it looks to be working now….

As you can see Nordic Interstitial Thresholds is back on the air. For this latest episode we’re back to the land of Iceland and crazy fuckers for a mix to celebrate the middle of summer. This means that there is ROCK! METAL! DEATH STUFF! TECHNO! AND WIBBLY ELECTRONICA!

Go and have a listen. If you like what you hear, then you can download a copy of the mix HERE.

I’m off to lie down now. fucking technology…

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Posted by on July 2, 2012 in Iceland, mixes, music


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