Low impulse Power: Eistnaflug Molten Metal Special!

10 Jul

Evening their boys & girls…

Sorry for the lack of blogging, but the weather here had been nice, I’ve been in the country, and I’ve also been trying to get my desks cleared of any outstanding pieces. This is because tomorrow i head off eastwards towards the mighty EISTNAFLUG metal festival. Again! There was a bit of tension in the last couple of days with some crossed communication wires that caused my ride to the festival fall through. But a couple of lovely gothic ladies have come to my rescue. As of now, I’m getting my nails done in the blackest of vinyl polish.

So there will be no posting as such over the next several days as i pretty much debase myself to the local metal gods. But check out the Reykjavik Grapevine’s twitter feed, cos I’ll be taking it over at some point, whereupon i will attempt to get the paper sued by all and sundry.

Until there here are some following titbits.

A quick review I did of “Subfluidics”, the latest EP from Subminimal.  You can listen below…

– A new mix from those Gothic ghouls of the interwebs BLACKEST EVER BLACK. More details can be found HERE.

OK, Time for some Icelandic MOLTENFUCKINGMETAL!!!


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