Special Music Moment:: Various Artists, “Egg ’94”

19 Jul

cough… spurt… ack….

Hello everyone. Well Eistnaflug has been and gone. Missives will be sent out in due course about the strange goings on that went there. Believe me it was a fun time. Too fun to be exact….

I did say that this blog would be down for a few days, but as i seem to be suffering from some kind of nasty bog virus that was likely passed onto me by a Canadian, I’m not in the best of spirits. Right now i´m listening to all sorts of late ’60s fried folk, for no other reason than i can. And that the meds are starting to kick in…

This also means that the Farm is likely to stay on a bit of impulse power over the next few weeks. You see Iceland essentially goes on holiday in July, and as a result fuck all gets done, including this place. And i seem to like relaxing.

But in the meantime to keep you all going, i give to you a nice treat. “Egg 94” is a seminal compilation put out by smekkleysa in 1994 to showcase some of the new electronic music talent that was rising out of the pop-pap heap at the time. And here we have the whole bloody album! There are some top artists on here, from Bix and Biogen, to Plastic and Ajax. This is well worth a listen as a snapshot of modern Icelandic music history.

Now if you excuse me, i´m off to cough up a lung….

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