Music Dumps No More…. thanks to Mediafire

25 Jul

When i first started this blog, one of the main purposes was the sharing of music. From time to time, i would post up albums that i had fond memories and good times listening to. Some of it was new, a lot of it was old and rather obscure, loved only by myself and a few other lonely desperate people.

But as the blog grew and mutated, i decided that there was so much free, legal music out there that there was no point putting up copyrighted music, especially as somewhere along the line, there is an artist that loses out. But i kept the old links up for anyone curious.

That was until yesterday when i got my first major strike against me from mediafire for having “copyrighted” material n my files. As i also use my mediafire account for work purposes, I’ve decided to delete all the old music dump files. so if you’ve come on here looking for an album, sorry you’re out of luck I’m afraid.

Knowing my luck Mediafire will still suspend my account for no reason. fuckers….

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