Music Moment: Bat For Lashes, “Laura” and “Two Suns”

25 Jul

A video for the new Bat For Lashes single came out the other day. and lo it’s not that bad. A definite grower. The song is going for the big chorus and the The video is going for that whole theatrical vibe that is the general motif used by certain woman known as Florence. But more on her in a moment.


I’ve always had a real soft spot from ms Khan. I think it’s just the way she projects a certain level of spookiness and complexity without going too overboard with the Look-at-me kookiness (and that’s despite the Indian headress she used to wear). I’m sure that she’s a woman of peace and love, but even she must be a little pissed at the way she blazed a trail on her own, only for the likes of middle of the road tosh such as Little boots (where is she now?), La Roux and the grand rhino stomper herself Florence Foghorn and the Machine to barge in and steal her thunder over the last few years like that.

Which is a shame as Khan was always more mysterious and her music way more clever than her “contemporaries”. I remember coming across her 1st album “Fur and gold be accident (I’m not sure where) and i remember playing it… a lot. that mix of old sound (harpsichords, weird lute instruments) with mechanical hand claps and electronic sounds.

the second album “Two Suns” is even better and it drag a lot of those sounds into the modern era with synths drums machine and some decent bass grooves. I mean take this for an opening track.


Just the way the rhythm of the drums, the and the plucked strings, and her voice on the chorus overload your senses with the feminine energy of it all. Glorious.

This is my personal favourite song form that album. The way she controls the ebb and flow of the track to build it up from a simple beginning of just her piano and voice, into a rather powerful psychedelic tinged climax towards the end.

Definite music for communing with you feminine side down in the forest.

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One response to “Music Moment: Bat For Lashes, “Laura” and “Two Suns”

  1. Jon

    July 27, 2012 at 8:21 pm

    Oooh, will have to catch up on Bat for Lashes. Loved the first album, then just forgot to buy anything else. Thanks for reminding me.


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