Random Thoughts – The Olympic Opening Ceremony/ Karaoke Evening…

28 Jul

So yeah… this Olympic Opening ceremony….

Some of it was actually really well done. Loved the rural setting/industrial revolution bit, with music provided by Test Dept and the like. Plus the sly middle finger at the government by highlighting workers rights and the NHS as what makes the UK great. The lighting ceremony was also really well done. Cauldrons of fire are always cool.

At one moment i really wanted it to go all Pagan and for it to descend into some kind of blood sacrifice to re awaken King Arthur, or the Dark lords or something. Maybe next time.

I didn’t know the Olympics has their own anthem. Do they have their own paramilitary shock troops as well?

The Bit with the Brian Eno track going into “abide with me” was a little bit jarring after the fun and frolics of the previous section”

Also, did i hear them play Fuck Buttons???

There were some real facepalm moments, such as the Mr Bean and James Bond sections, the stuff that looked like an episode of Telly addict. Also poor old Macca was well out of time on his only song.

Also she may be queen but fuck, both her and Philip really looked like they didn’t want to be there. Perhaps it was past their bedtime or something. and please, no more fucking David Beckham, ok?

But yeah…. it was not too bad. Shame about those critical mass cyclists though…

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