Free Music Dump: Wandering Sounds, Available Now To A Loving Home…..

30 Jul

Well hello there pop pickers!

As I’m busy watching YouTube videos of corgi puppies (because i have no dignity or self-respect left, I’m not going to get bogged down in flowery prose right now.

Are you skint? Are you stealing money from your wife/girlfriend/family to pay for you disgusting snuff habit? do you also like music but get that strange feeling they call “Guilt” every time you log onto the Pirate Bay? Well then this post is for you!

OK, first up is some deeply psych’d out electronic tape sounds from a nice couple of dudes from Brooklyn who go under the name of ANTIQUE SHADE. Their EP, “Homeward Bounds” blends a nice mix of woozy new age synths with found beats and Sci Fi aesthetics, as cracked dialogue drifts in and out of the music. Ver melodic. If you like the work for Pye Corner Audio, then this is a definite must to listen to!


For our next choice, we’re going decidedly darker, into our favourite pagan wooded world of Witchery Housey sounds. The self titled EP from VEILS, has all the Witch House hall marks, thick, bitumen walls of bass synth, DIY B-Boy beat-box rhythms and emaciated fem-ghouls whispering in the background. But the production on this is actually really good. you can definitely hear the quality of production rise in the last year as people have learned to master their production software and work a bit on the musicianship. But if you love your nu-goth gravewave sounds particularly desolate, then Veils are for you!


Well after all that heaviness, it’s time for something a little softer and soothing to the ears and the soul. And what better way to lift you off to the sun than this, the self titled EP from NOVA DRONES.  The solo project of a San Francisco man named Michael Grellman, the EP contains 5 tracks full of dream pop with shimmering guitars, and drifting vocal over songs that are minimal but tuneful and melodic. Even though it´s soothing, it does have the occasional melancholic aspect to it. Classic US indie music.


Of course, no edition of the Free Music Dump would be complete without some righteous brutal noise. And luckily for us all, I have something lovely from Iceland, in particular Crust metal bangers NORN. I actually reviewed them live a couple of weeks ago at a metal festival. This is what i had to say about them (And this hasn’t even been published yet, so this is an EXCLUSIVE!)

OK, we’ve had some hard rock and stoner sludge. But now we want METAL! In particular some crusty, gnarly shit that can only come from the backwoods of Sweden and practiced by Teutonic types weaned on bark moonshine and virgin’s tears. And our prayers were answered with NORN. They upped the stage antics by coming on sporting not the usual corpsepaint, but some really well done zombie makeup. Their set combined blastbeats with hard riffage and some classic black metal snarls. It was rough and they certainly weren’t pretty (the bass strings on the intro to “10,000 Years” sounded really loose and thwacky), but their eyeballing frontman managed to shake loose the clagging hangover in our heads. I AM AWAKE NOW, YES!

Yes Indeed. This EP is a little rough (hence the word Demo in the title), but if you want proper no frills crusty black metal, then this is the one for you!!


Hmmm… i think I’ve given you more than enough for you all to be going on with. If you want more, then the internet is out there for you to explore it. I’m not your dad you know.

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