Music Moment: Digital Mystikz, “Unexpected”

27 Aug

Evening there….

So in a couple of weeks time, I’m definitely going to be splurging out on the latest release from MALA, “Mala In Cuba”. If you haven’t heard the single “Cuba Electronica”, then i surely suggest that you do, as it’s teeming with percussive energy and bass power.

Add to this, I’ve been hearing a release from a young Icelandic producer that I’m reviewing that’s very heavily influenced by Mala and Coki over at DMZ. And about bloody time too i should add. I was beginning to think all Icelandic youngsters ever listened to was the NOVA TV and the Pepsi Max Tonlist.

So tonight’s music moment comes from DMZ’s début album, ‘Return II Space,’ which was basically a collection of their first releases. The opening track “Unexpected” is particularly fine and light headed. It contains all the bass heaviness that you require, but doesn’t seen to have the THC paranoid pressure that you can sometimes get with the atmospheric dubstep sound. If there are Icelandic electronica producers that do venture more into dubstep, then I’m hoping/expecting that they would make something similar to this.


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