Hey! I’m Still Alive! (and other things…)

06 Sep

Um hi there….

So as you will have realised, I’ve not been doing many posts down on the farm. Well actually none at all for a week!

There is a good reason for this. And it’s called work. I’m going to be very busy/rammed doing some rather important writing jobs over the next several weeks, and as a result blogging on here will be at a bit of a minimum alas, and this will include no proper mixes. Boo!

I will endeavour to make small posts when i can, to ensure that my fair weathered followers don’t fuck off to I LOVE ICELAND AND ELVES AND SHIT style tumblr accounts.

So for tonight here are some links/roundups and stuff. First of all some album reviews from the past couple of weeks.

The latest album from GHOSTIGITAL. Very good, still rather mentalist music.

The debut album from CONTALGEN FUNERAL. Cack in a sack I’m afraid…

The debut EP from a lad called RAFSTEINN. also rather good. And here is the EP for you to download… FOR FREE!




A feature from Quietus writer Luke Turner about Factory FLoor, Swans, and the start of modern music culture. Wha i posted this on FB, some friends came back and healthily tore into it as one of those “modern culture was better in the past/Today is shit/Bloody iPods/Kids, eh?” They had a very good point, but i found the piece rather illuminating on the current felling i have with the local scene here. Anyway, have a ganders…


Our wonderful friends over at EXOTIC PYLON records have been busy over the last couple of months, with some nice releases. I’ll probably be posting some in the future, but for now, here is Tournaments from TIME ATTENDANT. Truly British gargling electronica of the wonky radiophonic kind. Think Coil doing a soundtrack to an episode of Doctor Who from the ’70s. Enjoy and buy!


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