Music Moment: cleaners From Venus “Tulkani (Monday is Grey)”

15 Nov


Sorry for that. apparently I’m in a continuously foul angry mood these last couple of days. enough that someone mentioned that I seemed “Very angry” on Facebook, while one of Mes Sex Farms co-workers noted that I seemed to be incredibly angry with my adopted homeland, etc, etc. Well you would be if you were forced to watch endless shitty mini-ads for crap “Hype” bands paraded in front of your eyes by MTV push whenever you try to watch The Daily Show or the Colbert Report. and the anti-Icelandic stuff. Yeah, well you try reading the DV comments that have been swimming around this week without trying to stab your eyes out with a sharpened cotton bud.

But HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY, etc. Perhaps some happy music should be the order for this evening…. pah! instead here’s a song that I’ve steadily become somewhat obsessed with over the last month. I’d never heard of CLEANERS FROM VENUS, until i heard this song played on a radio slot from the imperious Blackest Ever Black label on NTS radio on September. And it’s DIY aesthetic slowly but surely invaded my psyche.

It’s speaks that understated ’80s DIY Brit post punk feel to me. Creating music in your bedsit while on the dole, the meshing of a myriad of styles, the deadpan morose lyrics that speak honestly of the interminable and drudgery of living in the UK at that time. The intro especially grabs me. The restless spindly bass with a children’s glockenspiel, the shuffling dub reggae inspired beat, and the definite ’80s guitar lines. And then those intro harmonies…

Whenever I have a chat with my friend Birkir Fjalar about the rise of current local music inspired by ’80s Goth/Post Punk and 90s Shoegaze, while they have the rawness, roughness and (at times) coldness of these forebears, one of the things I point out is that most of the sounds seem to miss that air of distance and dislocation allied with personal woe that you get with this track. The music sounds fuzzed and hazy, like a memory (Cleaners From Venus released´most of their material on tape and were part of the underground tape culture at the time), but the lyrics are definitely telling a common story of alienation.  If some local lads were to make something stylistically along these lines instead of a Kenny Loggins rip off, then they would be my new idols.


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