The Sunday Cult Film Corner: “De Lift (The Lift), 1983”

18 Nov

Wow. we’ve been away for too long here, haven’t we?

I mean, when was the last time we actually did one of these on the blog? It certainly feels like months ago. But I’ve spent the afternoon at a kid’s birthday parties, followed by watching documentaries on The cult leader Jim Jones, as well as the history of Euro schlock horror, so I am feeling in a bit of a malevolent mood. As I am now supposedly a man of leisure and can now do what I like (within reason, and the bounds of a moral society), i think we should fire up this little spot again, don’t you think?

Well without further ado, welcome back to the corner of weird, fantastic, confounding, and sometimes even unsettling celluloid moment. You know what time it is – it’s time for the SUUUUUUUUUUUUUNDAY CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUULT FIIIIIIIIIIIILM COOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORNER!!!! (parp…).

And for this week (and maybe the next week or two), I’m going to the land of dodgy cheese, sex tourism, and burst your eardrums gabba hardcore. Yup, the flattest land of them all Holland, for a funky little cult horror number that will make you want to take the stairs after seeing it. Ladies and gents, i give to you THE LIFT!

Directed in 1983 by one Dick Maas. It tell the story of a lift in a fairly nondescript building in Amsterdam that begins to malfunction and develop a mind of its own. It begins to cause the deaths of several people in some rather grisly ways, but upon inspection, no one can find anything wrong with it. Getting to the bottom of why the lift is acting the way it is becomes an obsession for the lift company’s maintenance technician, Felix. As he delves deeper into the lift history, he is joined by a sexy female tabloid journalist and they start to ask questions of the lift company’s shadowy electronics partner RISING SUN, and their experiments with developing a new type or microprocessor. As they try to get tot he bottom of this mysterious conspiracy, Felix and the journalist find that they are in more danger than they thought.

“The Lift” is pure ’80s euro tack horror, with bleeding colours, truly bad opening film company title credits, and the odd moment of gratuitous nudity. But despite a low-budget and minimal cast, Mass manages to create some rather grisly death scenes and some genuinely eerie moments. alas the movie has not aged that well. For starters while other film about murderous inanimate object have fared better (“Christine”, “Maximum Overdrive ), a lift can only really do some damage if you actually get really close to it. Plus there are moments in the film (where they conduct their “investigations”), where it is a little boring. It only gets really exciting towards the end, or when the lift starts getting murderous intentions.

But hey – It’s A FUCKING KILLER LIFT!! You certainly don’t see that every day!

So if you fancy a bit of fun this evening, put your feet up, crack open a Heineken, and watch this glorious tacky Dutch horror classic!

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