Music Moment: Hypno, “Kancourde/K2”

19 Nov


today has been…. interesting. don’t really want to go into it right now, but either way, i´m pretty much drained today. Spent tonight doing a LOT of admin and am now considering my next move. Right now I’m thinking of putting together a piece about one of Iceland shiniest rising stars, and it will probably mean horse’s heads in the bed – but that’s all the fun of life, innit?

Speaking of local music scenes… Iceland’s electronic music scene. I’ve commented on it a lot in the past. Namely that it produces some nice music, but it’s a bit behind the times with what’s going on out there in the big bad world.

But there’s the odd occasion when someone local comes along and makes some beats that really makes you sit up and take notice. Step forward Kári HYPNO and his latest release, “Kanourde.” Released on Ramp recordings, it had me breathing a sigh of relief that finally we’ve got signs of someone who’s making modern beats that are surely on a par with what’s being created outside of Iceland, and (thankfully) doesn’t sound like a piece of castrated electro pop, or some wonky glitch-ridden electronica that’s inspired by Aphex Twin… Again.

Which makes it even more fucking outrageous that despite the odd shout out from the boys at and, hardly anyone up here is talking about it! This is freakin’ scandalous! The way that Kári has come on in mastering those high-end syncopated beats beyond the meat & two veg 4/4 sounds over the last couple of years has been amazing.

And you can hear it on “Kancourde/K2.” Both tracks are minimal in their textures and melody lines, but the tightness of the beats packs a coiled punch. The standout track is “K2,” with its rolling, heavy liquid bass line allied to a skittering, dry percussion that has a garage/UK funky feel to it. It’s definitely a belter.

Like I said – Some of the best, forward thinking electronic music from these shores that seriously needs to get some more exposure out there. If you like it, do the boy a favour and buy it HERE, OK?


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