Music Moment: Legowelt, “The Paranormal Soul”

26 Nov

So where were you in ’92…..?

Well i don’t know about you but I was slowly losing my mind out on a local hillside, or at a semi-legal party/rave in a near abandoned farmhouse in the middle of nowhere, with only a dozen crates of beer, a cabinet size speaker system and 150 people and a flock of sheep for company   (Shades of Hacker Farm there). Thanks to such jolly times, there’s a heavy imprint of the good old days of rave/techno/house in the deep neural crevices of my memory banks (And praise be for that!).

This link to the past has meant that one aspect of this year’s electronic environment in 2012 rather intrigued me. It’s kind of ironic the way I’ve noted that some of Iceland’s local music scene seemed to be stuck in the ’90s, when at the same time, so many of today’s young n’ fresh artists have been using the likes of Youtube and archival websites to explore, source and strip-mine many of the original sounds and styles of the first wave of rave for today’s productions. You’ve got the revival of the classic “Mentalism” Hoover synth, playing rinsed out hardcore breaks and rhythms with a straight face, early ’90s style house jacks, and explorations in old school acid sounds. And that’s before we even get to “Hipster House.” There is a lot more out there, believe me!

But when you have a guy like LEGOWELT, then there is something about his music that takes you back to that time, that place. Also known to his mum as dutch producer Danny Wolfers, he’s been releasing an extraordinary amount of music under numerous pseudonyms for nearly a decade now. Clearly not buckling to any kind of trend of standard evolution in electronic music, he simply makes what he likes, what he likes being  old school electro style techno and house, swathed in thick blankets of smooooooth analogue synth lines that just open your neural pathways back to the early days of those Warp releases and crazy imports from Detroit.

He’s got a new album out right now, ‘The Paranormal Soul,’ and each track is very much a belter in their own way. But it’s the 2-track combo near the beginning of the album that caused my serotonin levels to red line. “Elements Of Houz Music,” has a simply deceptive bleep and bass style, riding on a single throbbing bass line with the synth pads floating around it like moths to a flame, all the while the high hats are skittering away. “Rave Till Dawn,” meanwhile tinkers with an nice hardcore breakbeat and single note synth lines that give this all a weightless feel to it.

To paraphrase a friend, I’m not always looking for cutting edge modernity, and I don’t mind looking back, or being nostalgic with my music. But if you don’t jack properly into the feelings and atmospherics of those times like LEGOWELT is doing with his music right now, them I’m not really interests, thanks.


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