The Sunday Cult Film Corner: “The Crying Game (1992)”

09 Dec



Man, the company Christmas party season in Iceland is brutal. Currently feeling the after effects of too much free booze and buffet platter food at the works Xmas party for the company that Mrs Sex Farm works for. I’m never drinking again, etc, etc. Didn’t also help that i got punched in the face by complete stranger last night…

So I’m hurting a little bit and just lying here, attracting flies as my neurons slowly flatline. I need some entertainment, but luckily for me (And for you lucky bastards), this give me the chance to roll out another episode of THEEEEE SUNDAAAAAAY CUUUUUUUUULT FIIIIIIIILM CORRRRRRRRNER-R-R-R-R!! (Eek!)

And this weeks edition of TSCFC is a lovely, cuddly tale of love, confused gender, and everyday domestic terrorists. Ladies and Gentlemen, i give to you, THE CRYING GAME.

Directed in 1992 by Neil Jordan, it tells the tale of Fergus (Stephen Rea), a rather unwilling IRA terrorist whose unit that includes Jude (Miranda Richardson) and led by Maguire (Adrian Dunbar) kidnap Jody (Forest Whittaker), a British soldier, and hold him hostage. While watching him, Fergus and Jody strike up a bond of friendship. As his execution time near, Jody asks Fergus to seek out his girlfriend Dil (Jaye Davidson) in London and tell her that he lover. As Fergus promises this the whole kidnap becomes a clusterfuck as the British army attacks. Fergus flees to London, whereupon he tries to hide from the authorities and the IRA. He also meets and woos Dil, who is hiding a secret of her own. but his own past catches up with him violent consequences.

If you’ve ever watched ‘The Crying Game,’ then you will definitely be aware that the  film has one of the most memorable “Twists” in modern cinema, which if you haven’t seen it I won’t reveal, but it had a lot of people going “Oo-er…um… WHAT???” and a lot of guys being very confused and angry afterwards  The rest of the film is still well made, and oozes tension and eroticism in equal measure. Stephen Rea gives an understated, brooding performance as the conflicted IRA man who’d rather be doing anything else than killing & terrorizing people. Meanwhile both Jaye Davidson and Miranda Richardson are very sexy and dangerous, femme fatales in very different ways. The film overall is very adult, from the action and violence, to the plot and narrative and there are some moments which make you wince with its graphicness. The only downside is Forrest Whittaker – He’s a great actor, but why was he even cast in this? His accent is terrible and his demeanour just seems completely out-of-place for someone who is supposed to be a British Soldier. He seemed too loose and plump to be taken seriously.

But this is the only downside to what is a very sexy, very well done thriller. So put your feet up, put on some leather gloves, and watch this film. Then have an internal crisis about your sexuality…

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