Four to the Floor: On drumming, and the all elusive “Groove”…

15 Dec

 So over at Blissblog. Simon Reynolds put a call out to readers/bloggers/friends for examples of top quality drumming action. This is growing to be a yearly event  – Last year it was about guitar solos, the year before, guitar riffs.

Naturally i sent him some suggestions which he published, and you can see/hear them here. Part 1 can be read here.

Of course there were maaaaaany other examples, that couldn’t fit in. so here are some more.

Probably some of the most simplistic pig iron drumming you’ll hear on record, but as an intro, it sparked the minds of myself and so many other teens in the early ’90s

The use of timpani drums as both the rhythm and bass line. Gives the impression of something primal, before civilisation, adding a hint of frisson to the lines about human behaviour and evolution.

Incredibly tight, hints of funk. full of anger, etc…..

Well, it’s Bonham, innit?

Never get tired of watching this. Waves and Waves of rolls. It just the sheer physicality of it all, the way his muscles seem to pulse along with the rhythm.

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