Music Moment: Randomer, “We Laugh, We Scream”

18 Dec

Ffft, Ffft…..

Well it’s the final week in the run up to Yuletime, Everyone’s already getting demob happy in my day job. Meanwhile in my other “real” job, everything seems to be getting clogged up with those dreaded END OF YEAR LISTS! Yup a major pain in the arse they most definitely are. Whenever a site/paper/music magazine does them, it always ends up degenerating into a barely containable bellowfest in the comments section. There are no exceptions and kinds of sightly misses the point anyway. I have been asked to provide a few by some publications so we’ll see how much fun I can have with those shall we?

Also am in the process of writing my last main post for the blog this year. Barely two steps up from a blind drunken rant, but it’s something that needs to be said, etc, etc. No one will read it, but it’s likely it’ll have me lynched in the usual Icelandic way anyway (I’ll never get invited to anything, dirty looks and pissed off e-mails). But hey life’s too short, and as Charles Bukowski once said, “Everyone Dies.”

As for  tonight, well I’ve been listening a bit today to ‘Chapter One,’ the state-of-the-world compilation from those boys over at HEMLOCK RECORDINGS. I’m especially vibeing hard off this track from RANDOMER. Something about that hard acid bass sound and the hi-frequency sheet metal beats. Almost has a weird old school hardcore feel to it. also the hardened/dirty vocal samples leads itself to total abandonment in a disused railway arch or somewhere similar.


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