Music Moment: Barker & Baumecker, “Crows”

08 Jan


Well I’ve only gone and done it. I’ve been scheming and scamming with my main man Aðalsteinn over the last few days, and thanks to his gentle but persistent needling, I’m doing something that will be happening in the next few weeks that will be fun, scary, interesting, but mainly FUN! Alas it´s something i can’t tell you just right now, but believe me it will have some serious repercussion for this blog at least, and hey, maybe even the wider music locality that is Reykjavik. But only time will tell.

Well as for the real world, everyone is getting their nipples twisted across the interwubs today as Mr David Bowie is releasing his first new material for over a decade. So far, have only had a singular chance to hear it, but two things sprung to mind – (1) there doesn’t seem to be any hooks in it, and (2) despite not having any real melodic hooks, it still sounds more expansive and plaintive than most of the music being released by our callow young fellows these days. don’t expect any fireworks though, the dude had a major heart attack several years ago, so i don’t expect a major promotional push on this.

But right now, my mind is and ears are rather drawn to tonight’s following tune. Even though i liking my bass music really filthy and grimy these days, i still get off on the odd moment of hard, clinical German Techno from the monolithic Berghain Label. In particular, ‘Transsektoral,’ the debut album from moody and slightly scary Teutonic duo, BARKER & BAUMECKER. Take this track “Crows” for example. Booming bass, hissy washes, wooden blocky rhythms. and that’s before you get to that grinding atonal organ sounds, and the weird howling noises in the distant background. With that big Church hall reverb, it has a particularly cold, unforgiving feel that you certainly wouldn’t get at Kaffibarinn on a Thursday night, although the tone of the songs changes to be something more soothing at the end. Just a little mind


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