The Sunday Cult Film Corner: ‘Vibrations (1996)’

03 Feb



OK, this is going to be a quick post as starting tonight (In about 30 minutes), there is a REAL display of extreme cult cinema over at Bio Paradis as their Svartir Sunnudagur (Black Sunday) series of films. “In the Realm Of The Senses,” “120 Days Of Sodom,” “Cannibal Holocaust” and much more great fun entertainment for all the family! I want some of that action!

So tonight we’re going down a slightly different route. The great thing about cult films is that new one crop up all the time and often out of nowhere. And tonight’s edition of THE SUNDAY CULT FILM CORNER (ER-ER-ER-ER) is one that has become a recently cult favourite thanks to the recent internet viral success of its best scene. Ladies and gentlemen. I give you VIBRATIONS.

Now here’s the plot that is up on its IMDB page

“Rising rock star, TJ Cray, gets the shot of a lifetime, an audition with a A&R man. On the way into the city, a carload of drunks smash into his car, severing his hands. He drops out of the business and becomes a homeless drunk. Cray wakes up to a pulsing beat in an abandoned warehouse, where a “rave” party is in full action. To his rescue comes Anamika, a computer artist, who takes him outside for fresh air. They become friends and eventually reinvent TJ’s career. With the help of friends, they replace his hands with prosthetics and design a metallic cyber looking suit. TJ quickly becomes an overnight sensation, known as Cyberstorm. The finale is a dramatic scenario where TJ has to make crucial decisions about his new life.”

Now as a plot, that is definitely one of the more mental ones! Many people will not know this film, but many people will likely have seen the video of its best/worst scene. I won’t post it (Pretty much because it’s one of the integral parts of the film), but you can see it here.

Man this film is perfect cult film fodder. It’s so brilliantly awful in its direction, script, acting (When Christina Applegate is the best thing in the film, then you know the bar was not set that high) and most importantly, the MUSIC. Yes, even though it’s supposed to be a soppy love story, this is really a film about this new fangled rave “scene” and “techno” music. But of course the director or scriptwriter have obviously never heard a techno track or been to an actual rave in their lives. Less Aphex Twin and Jeff Mills, more Betty Boo and Jack Magnet. And the thing is that despite all the unintentional laughs, it takes itself so, so seriously!

It’s the little scenes that will have you choking on your eccies, such as the attack by the thugs (I mean WHY would they actually o that in the first place?), or the reunion between TJ and his cop had, of the scene with the English music manager (“what a bunch of WANKERS!”) and the truly wincing new-age inflected gobbledigook spouted by the “raveheads.” It’s like the Hacienda never happened.

But don’t take my word for it, watch for yourself. For best results wear a white boiler suit and smear your face with vicks vaporub. ‘Vibrations” is probably the best documentary on EDM I´ve seen in ages….

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