Music Moment: LadyBoy Records 001

11 Feb

Agg Agg Agg…

Why does everything have to happen at once around here? After a couple of weeks gently lolling around watching oducmentary about the illuminati and Justin Bieber, now it is all coming down around my ears. SONAR is in a few days time which means that once again my brain, ears, liver, and soul will be smashed against the nearest concrete wall in the name of quality music journalism, while there’s all the other things that are slowly backing up such as interviews, album reviews, prep work, etc, etc

And that’s even before we even get to the BEST FUCKING CLUB NIGHT IN THE UNIVERSE* on Thursday. One or two hiccups in planning, but so far everything has been going swimmingly and fingers crossed the DJ doesn’t set himself on fire..  like last time.

So for tonight’s little music morsel… Well here is something that has been threatening to bubble over for a while now. Those who are part of the jackal fuckpit that is better known as the Reyk 101 scene will likely be aware of Frimann Frímannsson (Or “FREEEMANN!!!” as he is better known), former full-time hipster, gadfly about town and all round ne’er-do-well. Well he decided to go and do better things, such as create the lovely art/rant zine SKELETON HORSE, as well as fool around with some power electronics and harsh noise.

Now he’s gone one further and along with fellow collaborator Nicolas Kunysz, they’ve gone and started their own DIY label, titled LADYBOY RECORDS. Looking to fill in the gaping hole that is the underground DIY electronics scene here, they’ve already got their first release lined up, a compilation of tune and tracks from a wide range of artists, including some rather big hitters such as GHOSTIGITAL, RAFSTEINN, ÚLFUR, and BIX, as well as other artists such as Krummi, Quadruplos, and Stilluppsteypa honcho Sigtryggur Berg Sigmarsson. Such tones on offer range from Merzbow like noise, to gauzy, glooopy electro pop. with avant-garde screams and EBM beats in-between.

LadyBoy Records 001 is currently on sale in DIY book and record shops in Reykjavik in a very limited cassette run of 50, but each one is laser engraved with the compilation information on it, which is pretty cool when you think about it. And if you miss that, then it’s available on Bandcamp right now.


(* – In my own head at least…)

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