Musings and Shit: Wow what a night! Bring on SONAR!!

15 Feb


As I type this, I have soothing new age sounds winding out of my tiny laptop speakers as i drink endless cups of tea to stave off the lethargy (Ok, mild hangover).

This is because last night a funny thing happened. Yes last night’s REYKJAVIK SEX FARM: THE CLUB NIGHT happened in a big way. Yup, I´d say it was a success. Place got really packed, and even with the almost obligatory technical issues, everyone came through in a big way and this will surely lead onto better, bigger and brighter things. And goth. And turbo Folk probably.

But there’s no rest for the wicked as in barely a few hours, SONAR REYKJAVIK will be upon us with venomous fury. I wrote the obligatory “go and check these guys out” piece for the GV, but there are more I could add, such as Kalli & Ewok, Dasha Rush, Valgeir Sigurðsson, Tales Of Us (if you really need to see some house music) and Modeselector.

Yes there are many discussions to be had about art vs commerce, the role of Harpa, some of the acts included, etc. But this won’t be the time for them. Overall, this is a really good line for their first year with some top notch electronic music on display. I know this because i even spoke to the main guy from Samaris about this last night, also wishing him and his group well on Saturday. Fuck, I must be getting soft in my old age!!

So I will be off the grid a bit over the next couple of days. See you down in the garage!!

(To keep you sated, here’s some fine stuff from local house/techno overlord OCULUS from a couple of years ago.)

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