Music Moment: Blessure Grave, “The Flashing”

26 Feb

Busy, Busy, Busy…

Well OK, not THAT busy, but am trying to get a few finishing touches down on some reviews so I can concentrate on the serious business of annoying the shit out of everyone and stuff. When you live a lifelike mine, it’s pretty much the only pleasure you can get.

But one of the records I´m reviewing has brought up that now common issue of bands that wear certain wel worn influences on their sleeve. And their legs and their hats. As my friend Birkir Fjalar commented on a review once – “I do not demand 100% originality or wild surprises at every turn of a new album.” And neither do I so much, although if you do trade in heavily in such sounds without a flash of charm or something a little extra, then why bother? Just be a covers band. It pays more…

I was thinking of this when I found myself hearing ‘The Flashing,’ the new EP from BLESSURE GRAVE. These are also a bunch of guys where their influences are clearly signposted. Like fellow doom slingers Cult Of Youth, there’s a heady bent of goth and post-punk folk. But unlike the band I’ve reviewing, there isn’t a defining band that you could point to and go “That’s Blessure Grave!” Death In June? Hmm… maybe, but they’re much more romantic in their sound. The Cure? Play Dead? Maybe, with the vocals, but they’re much more of the sod and earth. Even though you can’t pin them down, they still have that undeniable sound of the old though.

Despite this, there is something about this EP, a tangible feel that they’ve attained the darkness, the dread of the cold and dark of the past. Especially a track like “Water” that rumbles with doom and bother, with high tones that sheer of the speakers like the slashing rain.

Yes – I like this a lot.



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