Interviews: Reykjavik Grapevine: “Heat + Dirt + Pressure = Destruction: The Diamond Version Interview”

07 Mar

Hey Ho!

Well there were some delays in publishing (Mostly due to half the staff dying of gout, followed by a wildcat infestation), but finally my interview with Olaf Bender of Diamond Version & Raster Noton for the Grapevine is up for all the world to see!


Overall it was a fine chat with Olaf. Tiny guy, but very sharp mind. found myself all the time going “Don’t say anything stupid Cluness!” But despite the differences in language he was very convivial and accommodating.

Also have to thank (Although he almost certainly won’t be reading this) Warren Ellis and his speech on improving reality that he gave last year. It was here that I learned of that famous quote from Marshall McLuhan he used in the speech that popped into my head when Olaf & I were taking about history and technology. At least it made me look as if I knew what I was talking about. Have a butchers for yourself…

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