Music Moment: Ramleh, “Bite The Bolster”

13 Mar


Why the fuck am I so tired?

And stiff.

And so tired?

Well everything is getting all set for tomorrow. Everyone seems to be getting their inner gloom on. Which of course is wonderful. And we’re having dimmed flashing lighting, candles, possibly a smoke machine. Even will get the bar to brew up some Icelandic “Cider and Black”! It will be the saddest thing ever….

Speaking of saddest things ever, here’s something for you to get you ears around tonight, “Bute the Bolester,” by RAMLEH.  This track was from their 1987 album, and signalled a moving on from their early/mid ’80s harsh noise music. From here they’d move onto drone, noise rock, almost anything on the fringes. Most of the album this track came from, ‘Hole In the Heart,’ was made by member Gary Mundy, who would also go on to play with that other noise rock group Skullflower.

This track itself, SS imagery aside, is actually a rather mournful track. Lots of processed guitars and vocals, like a rock band playing at a wake in limbo. Lots of layered cold sheets of drone sounds with buzzing flies and pained vocals. I think I would like this played at my birthday.



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