Music Moment: Feuerbahn, “The Fire Dance”

18 Mar

Evening all!

Well I have been bad at doing this over the last few days haven’t I? Well I have a good reason for that…


Well OK, I haven’t. Mostly was drunk and lazy over the whole weekend. But what I can say is the latest club night that was held last Thursday was  really good. Quite a lot fo people turned up (Even when many Icelanders where struggling to try and get their head around the whole “Having to pay to enter a bar holding an event” thing). I think I may have stumbled onto something here! Certainly will be having this again!

The next one will be  barely but a few weeks from now. Dayum, I may even have to talk about trying to get some kind of sponsorship or something (Hiss – But alas a necessity in this day and age)..

But as for tonight, some nice happy tunes… OF DESPAIR AND MURDER!! MUAHAHAHA!!! Specifically a rather haunting, heathen infested sound of the rotting forest that is ‘The Fire Dance,’ by FEUERBAHN. Saw this on a music blog a week ago and thought I’d give it a spin. Maaaan it’s cold, cold stuff. You’d think they were German, or Finnish or something, even though one of the tags says this comes from Italy. Make sense I suppose. This drips with a sulphurous stench of death and the macabre. You pick up a lot of things in this EP – Some drone, power electronics, black metal, coldwave, etc. Very bleak stuff, VERY European, and for you if you’re into the likes of Circle Of Ouroborus…



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