Music Moment: Sanasol, “Glow”

03 Apr

Well as you saw from the previous post, we’reputting on our dancing shoes and pouring into those tight ass jeans as once again RSF goes a-clubbing! Yup it’s, definitely going to be more of a hard banging techno vibe for this one, make no mistake!

But back to more pressing matters. Picture the scene a few months ago. I’m in Kaffibarinn during another one of those “Extreme Chill” nights. I’m already ramping up ito into another rant/discussion with resident Extreme Chill Ambient Manatee DJ Andre about how difficult it was finding a copy the classic “Icerave” compilation, as well as several other interesting pieces of Icelandic ’90s electronic music. He too lamented on this state of affairs, and offered me his copy (“Shame it’s covered in scratches though”), especially the fact that what I could find wasn’t actually available in any Icelandic music stores.

But then a few days later I managed to find “Icerave” on – the worst site in the world for Icelandic music. But at least I found it.

AND… then I also managed to find some more old releases from Icelandic electronic label Thule Records on Beatport – The second worst site to buy music out there. But I’m glad I did because I managed to get hold of a couple of release from SANASOL –  The joint venture of Aðalsteinn Guðmundsson (AKA Yagya) and Thorhallur Skulason (AKA Thor). Although their music and later releases would veer heavily into the old deep/tech house territory, some of the earlier releases were rather banging. Such as “Glow” from their 1998 ‘A.M.E.P’ EP. You can hear the pulled apart, Basic Channel influenced pads and whooshing sounds that you’d hear on a lot of Yagya’s later albums (Man they must have really loved their minimal dub techno in Iceland in the ’90s. A lot of the releases I’ve heard from that time are in thrall to it). Starting off with panned and delayed metallic, tippitytippity pad sounds, it’s a good couple of minutes before the bass kicks in with only the barest of notes being played. True minimal purism.

Now all we need if for Thule Records to pull its finger out of its arse and re-release everything on Gogoyoko so we can hear it again!


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